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1st May 2024

Posted on 1st May, 2024

Hey there!

  It's been a rather hectic few days here! As some of you know, I've been making stuff for Captain Sensible for a few years now.. well, he was kind enough to give us a plug last week on his social media, and things got a little crazy and I wasn't prepared!

Captain Sensible plug


And so, I've completely wiped the website clean and am starting from scratch. I've added the first 2 tops from the latest order I made for Captain, and created a SENSIBLE ATTIRE section where customers can have their own made to their unique specifications. They will be limited runs due to fabric availability.

 I am also adding content from the shop on a daily basis now as we need to up our online presence.  I've added some of our funky festival hats this morning.. if there is anything you would like to suggest, please leave a comment!

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