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Ups and Lock- downs..

Posted on 24th January, 2021

Here we are, nearly at the end of January 2021, and here in Wales we remain in lockdown while we await an update from the Welsh Government.

Back in November I made a massive decision- to move from the market stall we have called home for the past 4 years to take Vagabonds into a proper shop. I found a fantastic little place available at the top of Prestatyn High Street, so throughout November I was jumping through the hoops of sorting out the legal paperwork, and having to keep it quiet in case things didnt pan out..

The good news is I officially signed the lease on the 21st December! The bad news was that Wales was forced back into lockdown from the 20th- so that was a bit of an anticlimax! No sales for the busiest time of the year, and no time to spread the word to you lovely lot about our new premises..

So, from that day, with a couple of days off for Christmas and New Year we have been packing, moving and unpacking in relays back and forth from Rhyl to Prestatyn. 

I`m still waiting on the sign people to be able to come and sort out our shop sign- the weather has been a tad inclement- its been snowing today- so we await that getting done.

So, as it is, with everything upside down inside the shop- ive just put some lovely throws up the windows so people know where we are..




















Slowly but surely things are finding their place, and i will post some photos as soon as we are organised.Thankfully you can easily order from our website if you need anything- and if you add us on facebook, you will get up to date info  on new items coming in- and we can also arrange click and collect if you direct message us.

 Hopefully we will be out of lockdown again soon, and you can come and see us again. We miss you all!!

Jolly July! Updates and stuff..

Posted on 8th July, 2020

Well, June flew by in a hot flurry of activity! So much so, that I neglected to update this blog!

Firstly, a big thankyou to all the people that have continued to purchase from us using the website. I aim to try and keep on top of stock levels, and bring you the latest items as soon as they become available. And you have really ordered some great new things! The rugs have been particularly popular! I guess with us all trapped at home, we have all got in touch with our nesting a bit!


















I have added a bunch of new lines this last couple of weeks..


New Vegan friendly Dreamcatchers- cotton and seagrass   designs handcrafted in Bali.




  If you are into healing stones, crafting, or jewellery making, the new kilo bags of tumbled gemstones are a must!






 Some fantastic new wall hangings/bedspreads to really make a splash of colour in your home!



 We also have some lovely handcrafted tables, bowls and other bits in recycled and sustanably sourced Teak wood. Just pop over and have a look in the House and Garden section!



Due to the nature of some of our suppliers only carrying limited numbers on certain lines, I can`t always put all of our lines on the website in case we run out. So, with the shop still unable to open, I have decided to offer some lines at bargain prices- I am trying to do at least one daily post of a new offer on our FACEBOOK page. Do pop over and scroll down. I am offering local delivery, pick up from my neighbouring stall in the market, or postage for those further afield. Just message me!  It is proving to be very popular! Again, thankyou to those who are continuing to buy from us during these trying times. To be first to find out whats new, just hit LIKE on our page.

Coming in next week for facebook- new fragrance oils, Roll on perfumes, new Native soul fragrance varieties and more! Keep your eyes peeled!!


Its nearly May!

Posted on 29th April, 2020

Firstly, I hope you are all coping ok with this lockdown business. This is week 7 for us, as Paul is in the `at risk` group with a lowered immune system- therefore i am the only one allowed out to get shopping etc. Its very strange.

 Watching all the news reports, im concerned that the relaxing of the lockdown will not be feasable- can you imagine trying to keep 2 metres apart in our tiny shop?! I dont know how we will do it. or even when. But I do miss having our little chats, and seeing you lovely people!

 Back to business.. Ive been adding more new products to the website, and trying to keep on top of the stock levels- every now and again we run out of items, but as soon as i am aware, i`m straight on it to sort it out so the customer is satisfied. You come first!

  This week ive added a gorgeous range of olive oil based soaps, the full range of solid shampoo bars- which have Argan oil base to give great condition as well as a fantastic wash!

Also added jars of wax melts- loads of lovely fragrances to choose from- and they`ve been popular already!

 I`m going to update the burners today- see whats new, and maybe add more scented items- with us all being indoors, its nice to keep things smelling fresh!

 Remember, if you dont see something, just message us and we will try and source it, or if you need info, just give me a shout! 

 Love to you all, thanks for supporting us, and stay safe! xx  Zoe  xx

April update

Posted on 4th April, 2020

Wow, here we are in April already!

 Around this time we would be bracing ourselves for the great influx of tourists flocking down to the North Wales coast, flooding the town with excitement and bringing a much needed boost to the economy.

Sadly, this year it is not to be. Covid-19 has forced camps to close, and all but essential shops have closed down until further notice.. Vagabonds included :(

However, i`m looking at this as a fantastic opportunity to work on the website- i`m adding more products every day, to bring you access to the lovely range of gifts, incense and all the other things we love! Thats got to be a good thing right? And it will be delivered straight to your door!

So, instead of buying the usual chocolate eggs this Easter, why not buy your gifts from us?! You will get something really unusual, and best of all, you will be supporting a small business- helping us to keep trading during this awful setback.

We really appreciate all your orders. Thank you xx


Posted on 30th March, 2020

Hello there folks!

                         I`ve really neglected this side of the business- most of my sales come through one- to- one via facebook, and ive never really gotten a handle on this side of things..

Well, now is my chance! With the shop now in double lockdown (the unit is within a shopping mall that is closed, so i cant actually access my physical stock! - the shop is locked, and the mall is locked), I actually now have the time to deal with this side of things, and to try and figure out how we proceed from this point.

 Please bear with me. The stock that i managed to grab before lockdown will be available initially through Facebook- do please pop over and give us a like!

The other range that we usually sell- well, im going to try and sort out an alternative way to do things. Stick with me, and we can get through this!

 I really appreciate your continued support at this uncertain time.

Loads of love and gratitude,  Zoe x